How Perception Works

How Perception Works: For Us and Against Us Perception, without which we couldn’t get along in life, has this hidden nature build into it: it is interpretation based in assumptions. Here is one of many available demonstrations that what we see as we go about our lives is given by the interpretations we bring withContinue reading “How Perception Works”

Meetings of Opposites in Charlottesville

Political polarization is only one symptom of the national disease which afflicts us.  From obesity to heart disease to chronic stress, we live with the consequences of the failure to relate to each other authentically, even to perceive and understand what authentic encounter might be.  In desperation we may choose Republican or Democrat to positionContinue reading “Meetings of Opposites in Charlottesville”

Next: A Living Room Conversation

Since our OLLI course has been suspended, I’ve been searching for a way to resume our attempts to reinvent civic space. Conveniently, but also perhaps treacherously, the online space offers enticements to colloquy “until we get back to normal.” Those are scare quotes: either the normal we were used to may not be available post-virus,Continue reading “Next: A Living Room Conversation”

Hello from Charlottesville

As the coronavirus rearranges all our means of interacting, we have just been forced to end our OLLI course devoted to the project halfway through. After three sessions, the eighteen of us were just getting accustomed to the odd philosophical vocabulary that Martin Buber uses to distinguish the world of “I-You speaking” from the worldContinue reading “Hello from Charlottesville”

Where Do Stereotypes Come From?

A proposal for Charlottesville Unity Days 2019 To the extent that civic relationships among us are built on our perceptions of each other, we should investigate the nature of perception.  To what extent do perceptions depend on “myth”?  What can we do to wrest control of our community relationships away from myth, and bring themContinue reading “Where Do Stereotypes Come From?”