To date there have been six implementations of Meetings of Opposites.

  • In 2012: a one-day event with an encounter between Pat Michaels, former UVa faculty member, and Dr. Frederick Joyce, a presenter for the Climate Reality Project, for an audience of students in the Upward Bound program at UVa. Here is the original general Proposal for Meetings of Opposites with a report on that first Meeting: MoO Proposal and Report
  • After the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in 2017: several meetings of various kinds under the umbrella of Gov360, a local non-profit dedicated to voter participation and the renewal of civic discourse.
  • In winter 2017: a course for OLLI entitled “Civics in Charlottesville: Meetings of Opposites.”
  • In winter 2018: another course for OLLI, “Civics in Charlottesville: From Us-Against-Them to We-For-Each-Other.”
  • For UnityDays, in 2019: a one-evening workshop: “Where Do Stereotypes Come From?”
  • In spring 2020: an OLLI course, “Walking Uphill Together,” cut short after three sessions by the coronavirus, but moved online to use the platform of Living Room Conversations.

Meetings have occurred with general audiences and with pairs of Opposites. They require only a room with projection capability and access to the outside or to a corner of a gymnasium.

Henry McHenry will bring Meetings of Opposites, configured to suit local needs, anywhere in the United States, free of charge. Leave inquiries on the blog page here, or a message at 434 295 6593.

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